Teachers as Guides

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to summit the 2650m high Mt. Nimbus in the Purcell Mountain Range in BC. Now, not being a mountain climber in any way I was only able to attain this amazing feat with the support of my guide. Guides are teachers in a special sort of way, a sort of way that could be used in the classroom everyday.Here is how:
1. They set a clear goal – we are going to the top!
2. They frequently stop and ask how everyone is doing. They let everyone answer.
3. If you are not doing so well, they help solve whatever problem it is.
4. They go first, they show the way.
5. They encourage, demonstrate,explain, then sit nearby and enjoy watching you do it.
6. When it gets super hard they lend a hand.
7. They marvel in your accomplishment, just as much as you have.

Tomorrow I challenge you to guide your students. To guide them in achieving their dreams and doing more than they thought they could. I think you will be amazed at the wonders that will occur.


Photo taken by my guide. As I came to the top of this ledge he said “you did it!”, and snapped my photo!

Lori Cullen (@lorilynnecullen) has been with CBE since 2000 as a teacher, learning leader, assistant principal, principal and now teacher recruitment consultant. She believes in the power of teams and challenges herself and colleagues to maximize their potentials and reach for their goals.

This post was originally featured on CBE182 – 182 Days of Learning- See more at: http://cbe182.weebly.com/#sthash.WfiW0ugv.dpuf

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