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A new idea I am batting about is what I call The Walk-About.  Many thanks to my trusted colleague Donna for listening to my crazy-ish idea this morning and helping me sort it out.  Well, its not sorted out yet, but we are getting there and we will give it a try.

Each day one of my teachers has a sub in order to release them from their classrooms to observe other teachers teaching.  They observe one class in the morning and one class in the afternoons.  We have created an observation guide to assist teachers in focussing on specific strategies and skills while observing.  In addition to the classroom observation, I would like to now add on The Walk-About.

We are thinking The Walk-About would focus initially on “Feedback” (Formative Assessment ).  The observer would spend one minute in each classroom in the school.  During that one minute, they would identify the type of feedback the teacher is using.  We figured out we need to create a 4-pt rubric of the differing levels and types of feedback.  We will do this together as a staff.

With the data, we hope to raise awareness and increase specific assessment designed to move the learner forward (Dylan Wiliam).  We would report back to teachers something like, “On todays walk-about XX% of teachers were observed using XXX feedback etc.”  We could also keep specific teacher data if we want to.

I beleive that simply by creating the rubric, monitoring for success, reporting our successes we will increase our use of strong feedback designed to improve student learning.

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  1. Happy to meet another reflective educator in the blogosphere! Thank you for mentioning my blog in your post.

    I’m curious to know what kind of feedback you discovered that teachers use, and also what kind of feedback helped the students learn.

    Happy holidays!

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